Sunday, November 14, 2004

Important News from the Institute for Further Details at the Design

On November ninth, j0llyr0ger sent me an original collage on a postcard. I'm always amazed when people send me their only copy of something, and I'm even more surprised when (time after time) the glued-on pieces of collages come through the postal system unscathed.

This collage is a great example of the now-little-seen ransom-note style of collage. The opening I find quite exciting, and the item of response time continues through the collage in its nonlinear way. j0llyr0ger's message tells me that this is hardcore guerrilla mailart and ends with the biblical (or Jackson MacLovian)


j0llyr0ger, "The Institute for further details at the Design"
(9 Nov 2004)

un violon d'ingres


j0llyr0ger said...

"I'm always amazed when people send me their only copy of something"

the j0llyr0ger is also always amazed when he can pull off such a stunt.

However, lately he has been investigating such aspects of the mail art as spontaneity and FMerality.

Yes, it is this it is: geurilla mail art: created surreptitiously at his desk, in his cube, at work, NOT on his lunch brake. Snip, rip, glance around- nobody looking, glue, write, paste- Huh? false alarm, snip, rip, glue, rubberstamp, postagestamp, and a walk out to the mail box on the corner.

And a bonus of a haiku falls into his brane on the walk back to his attachment point in the matrix.

Geof Huth said...


Thanks for the note. Made me laugh out loud! My wife asked me why, but I couldn't explain it well enough!

Keep having fun!