Saturday, November 27, 2004

The Message is Clear?

I'm used to people not being happy with me. That's all part of being a father and a supervisor and a regular human being. But I was a bit surprised to see the words "HURT HUTH" on a postcard arriving in my mail this week.

Okay, just for a second. Almost immediately, I realized that this was a wonderful Mick Boyle memoralization of the insplintering of my foot (back in 2002), as reported by me a couple of weeks ago. Mick took the image of the splinter, isolated it, and used it to create an ingenious little message, one with the ancient feeling of Roman monumental inscriptions.

Mick Boyle, "HURT HUTH" (19 Nov 2004)

Instead of being a threat or a command, this message is one of condolence and a simple statement of fact.

I love this little sign, and I need at least two them: one for my office and one for my home. That way, both the people I work with and those whom I love can wonder if I've put the equivalent of an imperative "KICK ME" sign up on my walls. So, Mick, either send me a couple of signs or send me an image that'll work on a letter-sized sheet of paper. (And I promise to find a self-portrait to send you for your "Mail Art Postcard Exhibition"! The only one I can remember at the moment is too strange for now.
un violon d'ingres

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