Thursday, November 18, 2004

Peace, Out

Today, I received a plain brown envelope from Reed Altemus of Tonerworks. Reed is incredibly interested in xerography as a form of production for art, so Tonerworks is an appropriate name for his factory. But it's strange that this is the first time I've noticed him using the title, and today his letter to me notes that he's been experimenting with many different methods of printing. I've always been interested in different ways of printing myself, so it's great to see a fairly pure copy artist coming my way!

Inside Reed's envelope, he includes a simple concrete poem in memory of his friend, Guillermo Deisler, the Argentine artist. Whenever I see Guillermo's name, I can't help but think that it's such an Argentine name--just as Geof Huth and Roy Arenella, etc., are such American ones.

Since Reed's was among the mailart I received today, I'm sending my collection of his mailart off to school with my wife tomorrow.

Reed Altemus, "In Memoriam: Guillermo Deisler" (2004)

un violon d'ingres


Ruud Janssen said...

Hi qbdp,

As far as I know Guillermo Deisler lived in Bulgaria. From there I received his mail, and he moved then to east-Germany.

Geof Huth said...


Yeah, he didn't live in Argentina at the end. He was an ex-patriat.


Anonymous said...

Guillermo Deisler was born in Antofagasta, Chile (not Argentina). And he lived in Chile until 1973, when he was exiled by Augusto Pinochet, the dictator that we had to endure untill 1989, and who is still living free in the country that he tortured.

jja, from Chile

Geof Huth said...


Thanks for the correction. I always thought he was from Argentina. And I know the difference between Argentina and Chile. I've even been to Antofagasta. (I used to live in La Paz, Bolivia.)