Saturday, November 27, 2004

Pictures of Fabulous Mr. Universe Uncovered

Mick Boyle has sent me another of his graphic design jewels in the form of a postcard. This one opens with what appears to be a treated found image of a Mr Universe contest. The dark tones of this card, the low contrast, the graininess, and the weird quasi-polarization of the image intrigue me. How does the guy do all this stuff? And seemingly effortlessly.

Mick Boyle, "MUSCLE BUILD" (17 Nov 2004)

The back includes the torso of a drawing of a man (in green), bare-chested, the muscles of his up-ended arms flexed. Oh, and he's hairless, even lacking hirci. Along the edges of this torso, Mick has pencilled one of his signature notes:

Hi Geof I've enjoyed your recent cards
I don't really have much to say

un violon d'ingres

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