Monday, November 08, 2004

Postcard as Machine

Qpidoremix's first mailing to me arrived second, and it's almost a miracle it made it here. What he has done is create a chambered postcard through which I was supposed to send two Euro cents. Unfortunately, the cards workings came apart and some postal service packaged the entire machine in a sealed plastic bag.

I haven't opened the bag, assuming that it is a better artwork if I never actually touch it. And none of the pieces appear to have been lost, even the two cents, escaped from their tissue paper holsters, are still rattling within the bag with the wooden framing of the card.

Interestingly, today I mailed my daughter Erin (who's living in Dublin) a bunch of earring backs and posts, so she can make earrings out of Euro cents. She has enough supplies for 24 earrings!

Qpidoremix, "P-Chi" (Oct 2004)

Qpidoremix, "P-Chi," Reverse (Oct 2004)

un violon d'ingres


Anonymous said...

or homeland security has checked the internals of the card...

next one will be made of metal.

Geof Huth said...


That I look forward to!

Of course, Homeland Security is focused on dismantling all mailart. I feel safer already!


Anonymous said...

Examining it again, I think the part that has come loose was only to make a neat side. Possibly they opened it to have a peek inside. It is very well possible it still works. You can try to move the wheel without opening the bag. if you can rotate it 360 degrees, it is very likely the mechanism isnt damaged