Saturday, November 13, 2004

Reading Reed

Large mailings from Reed Altemus arrive wrapped in brown paper.

This one came with a letter from Reed. In it, he talks about going to New York and meeting Mark Bloch (the Panman), whom I haven't had any contact with in years.

The rest of the package consists of a sheet of 42 numbered Postflux Fluxpost artist's stamps (identical save for the identifying numbers upon them) and a sheaf of stapled pages entitled "Eight Event Scores." These are wonderful scripts for happenings and range from the humorous

Fruit Event

In your car on the way to work, hold a banana up to your ear and talk into it

Conduct crucial business using the banana

Make important business decisions usng the banana

Call your girlfirend or boyfriend and make arrangements for a weekend getaway in the Poconos Mountains using the banana

Check the messages on your answering machine using the banana

Call the office and tell them you're going to be a little late today using the banana


to the Zen

Opus 6

Make no plan

to the impossible


Nose to navel – 1 minute

Elbow to chin – 1 minute

Knee to small of back – 1 minute

Big toe to opposite shoulder – 1 minute

Ah, if only!

Reed Altemus, Cover of "Eight Event Scores" (2004?)

un violon d'ingres


Areca said...

You are funny. I am practicing the fluxyoga right now.

Geof Huth said...

Well, Reed is the funny one!