Sunday, April 03, 2005

Peeking through a Postcard

The front of this card from R. F. Côté (a green surface decorated with stamps and stampings and writing) includes the note "if i could only run away...too much snow!" Ah, but the snow has been disappearing from our part of the world, and I bet the R. F. is free from its grip by now.

The back of the card is where much of the action is. Apparently, R.F. has glued down the captured face of an eyeglassed woman to the card and pasted a glossy-paper image of a Canada Post mailbox over the face, allowing but the eyes of the woman to peer out through the mailslot. The card also tells me to write a message upon a postage stamp glued onto the surface upside-down. Lots of mailing and mailart references bundled into a simple card.

R. F. Côté, "Write your message here" (5 Mar 2005)

And, hey, I got around to writing about this card before it was even a month old!

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