Saturday, July 02, 2005

Not a Debut, but a Rebut

RF Côté is a remarkable mailartist, always changing the format of his mailings, constantly inventing, always thinking. His pieces are lovely and urgent all at the same time. Take for instance this latest piece from him:

RF Côté, "TRASH REBUT" (15 Jun 2005)

We have painting, stencilling, spraypainting, found pieces, stapling, taping, stamping (of various kinds) creating this remarkable piece. The piece's title is its text: TRASH, Eng garbage, refuse, detritus; REBUT, Fra scrap, a piece of garbage, a shard of trash. But also a pun suggests itself: "rebut" as the opposite of "debut," to debut again, to end up as something old or used, yet still wonderful.

I don't usually show both sides of a mailed card, but this card is so wonderful, I feel compelled to show it all. I love the stamps he chooses: large contemporary stamps, a couple of old ones that are obviously from the 1940s, and a few tiny scraps filling in the postage. Plus all the rest on this side. Also, I note that RF has stamped this 05-11, so I wonder if he is starting to number his mailings.

RF Côté, Reverse of "TRASH REBUT" (15 Jun 2005)

un violon d'ingres

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RF Côté (reg) said...

Dear Geof,
05-11 is for item 5 of a serie of 11. Working on a new serie, slowly, because I am taking FULL advantage of summer this year...I am on vavation for two weeks.