Monday, July 18, 2005

The Poster as Postcard: "My tremor" (qbdp # 75)

The Hotel Pennsylvania, Room 559, New York, New York

Last Saturday, while in Somerville, Massachusetts, for the VisionSound/SoundVision III exhibit and performance series, I received 100 postcards of my large-scale visual poem, "My tremor," which is designed to be a poster. Though miniaturized for that occasion, the poem still seems to work (but the two green lines of text do not show up as well).

Geof Huth, "My tremor" (2005)

Because these postcards were so glossy, I had to use fine-point Sharpies to cut the addresses and notes into this card--and, even so, the cards seemed to suck all the moisture out of the Sharpies quickly. This caused me to change pens frequently as I wrote on the back of the cards. Fortunately, I included but a one-word message on each card--one designed to be meaningful for the recipient. (In the case of my message to myself this single word was "mine.")

Geof Huth, "My tremor" card (qbdp # 75, back, 18 Jul 2005)

The lucky recipients of this card were as follows:

1/22 Ruth and Marvin Sackner

2/22 Bob Grumman

3/22 Roy Arenella

4/22 Ruud Janssen

5/22 Dan Waber

6/22 Scott Helmes

7/22 Karri Kokko

8/22 Angela Genusa

9/22 Nadja Sayej

10/22 Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

11/22 RF Côté

12/22 Jassy Lupa

13/22 Fat Red Ant

14/22 frips

15/22 Scott McDonald

16/22 Dees Stribling

17/22 endwar

18/22 kiyotei

19/22 Ficus strangulensis

20/22 Mick Boyle

21/22 Reed Altemus

22/22 qbdp

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