Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Prize-Winning Blog Posts No Mailart Today

Yesterday, I received a notice from Rick Jones (no less) informing me that this weblog has been designated a Cool Site in the Netscape Open Directory "Arts/Visual_Arts/Mail_Art_and_Artistamps/Artists." Along with this recognition, I received a copy of the nomination:

This blog is the BEST "mail art" blog on the network.

The author/artist lists and discusses an enormous amount of correspondence and usually writes a detailed explanation of the art he receives. It is a pleasure to eavesdrop on his visual conversations and read his thoughts about each communication.

His deep, thoughtful interpretations and background data about the artist and artworks are a joy to read.

A little too kind, maybe, but nice to hear. So wouldn't it be nice if I found the time tonight to actually post some of the great mailart I have received recently?

It sure would!

un violon d'ingres


frips said...

geof, i couldn't say it any better!!!

Anonymous said...

geof, Congratulations. Your blog work is invaluable.
Best, r0y

agenusa said...

Congratulations Geof! Keep on bloggin'. Best, Angela

Mick Boyle said...

Wow Geof!

It's all true. Good for you. Your blog is a pleasure.


Ruud Janssen said...

Hi Geof,

Yes, totally agree. Your blog is the best one I have seen so far. What I like the ,ost is the balance between the words and the visuals you send out or receive. A joy to visit every time again. Congrats!