Saturday, July 02, 2005

Roy Arenella Has Made it Home

Roy Arenella has moved to Greenwich, New York (which is pronounced "Green Witch" for some reason), and as I predicted we have not yet been able to meet, mostly because I've been out of town way too much in the past month. (But I expect to have time to meet him and his wife Martine next weekend, so think about that, Roy. Even Friday night is probably okay.)

Roy Arenella, "ROAD HOME" (13 Jun 2005)

Roy apparently picked up this card at a restaurant near Schuylerville, which lies between Roy's home in Greenwich and the only vibrant city in all of upstate New York, Saratoga Springs. Now, what does this card mean? He's made his way home driving on roads. He picked up the card at a roadhouse. And he is still surrounded by boxes and boxes. To me, it's just an update, but I'm probably missing something!

This is card 118CC, meaning that this is his 118th card of the year (the move has slowed him down a bit) and that it is a card of some sort. I don't know what the other C means: "copped card"? But I know I have to stop at this restaurant and pick up a few of these free cards for a future mailing!

un violon d'ingres

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