Wednesday, July 06, 2005

To Five on the Fourth: "live" (qbdp # 73)

Still Point, Caroga Lake, New York

Before we left Caroga Lake today, I put together a small mailing commemorating the fourth of July, Independence Day, sort of. Using a set of old acidic postal cards (with purple ditto'd text on the back announcing labor union meetings in the Hudson Valley), I wrew a tiny fidgetglyph on the face of it, festooned the front of the card with enough extra postage to make it through the mails, and added a boring set of collages to the back of the cards, reading: 1. We, 2. Hold, 3. These, 4. Truths, and 5. To Be. Stopping there.

Geof Huth, "live" (4 Jul 2005)

The recipients:

1/5 Ruth and Marvin Sackner

2/5 Bob Grumman

3/5 Roy Arenella

4/5 Ruud Janssen

5/5 qbdp

un violon d'ingres

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