Sunday, October 02, 2005


On the 13th of August (once again, the day after he created his last mailing to me), Ruud Janssen put together a two-card, one-painting card for me. Once I put the two pieces together, I can see the wordpainting Ruud has made. The main text of the card reads "Was Bezet," which I'm guessing means "was occupied," which I'm hoping really means "busy," because Ruud was certainly busy at this time, since he was preparing to move.

But on the main text, Ruud has painted a subtext (or, literally, a supertext): Geof an Huth bee en eat aha so called art za zoof. This is a little harder for me to fathom, but Ruud is certainly riffing on the idea that mailart is less than art in most people's eyes. Another intriguing card from the mind of Ruud Janssen.

Ruud Janssen, "Was Bezet" (13 Aug 2005)

un violon d'ingres

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