Saturday, November 27, 2004

Naming the Recipient

Here is a reconstituted bit of emailart or e-mailart or e-mail art from Qpidoremix. Taking the cardboard core from a roll of paper towels or some similar product (what in my family we call a dohdoh because of the sound kids make through it), he has learned to recreate the Latin alphabet, at least in part. And one of his first experiments is with my name!

Hi Geof,

Just made a cool discovery. With a single twist cardboard spiral (I cut out a circle, and stretched it along the z axis et voila a small spiral stair going round one time. the R shows it best as spiral, the O is seen along the z axis) I can write most characters, just a matter of finding the right viewpoint (though some characters I think are impossible like the m)

Qpidoremix, "GeoffreY huTh" (22 Nov 2004)

PS I didnt work too hard on that card.. :-)) very meditative ... I made several at once and have send them to different countries. It does appear more complex than it is, though this one uses 2 wheels and usually I only use one:an outerwheel with 4 images printed on it and 4 matches at the inner wheel to have the coin flip it .25 turn (next image on the wheel). the other matches are all to give it some body or to have the coin hit the wheel at the right spot.. Most of my popup cards are a lot thinner. when i use coin driven mechanisms it gets bulky, this one being one of the fattest with a double layer.(two wheels). I have sent match/coin labyrinths in the past that arrived perfectly fine. this was the first to arrive of this batch. I let you know if I get word from china.

He ends (above) with a recollection of an ingenious and complex mailing of his, though he claims not to've worked hard on it!

un violon d'ingres

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kiyotei said...

Very cool cardboard spiral images.
How is the spiral supported in a few of the shots?
It looks like an arm of a chair or a gloved hand or something but it is too dark to tell.

Me likey!