Sunday, May 22, 2005

Nutbutter on Bread on Board on Tiles on Card on Corrugated Cardboard

What I love about frips' mailart is that she frequently fastens pieces to her cards and envelopes with thread rather than the more usual glue. She uses a sewing machine to do this--a machine I much love, though I don't have much of one anymore, so I'm unlikely to follow her lead. I find this little fripsmailartphotocard quite wonderful in ways I cannot quite express. The simplicity of this tiny domestic scene, and the muted colors, and the bites taken out of the bread all make this a successful piece of art.

Either that, or I'm hungry. (Which I'm not.)

frips, [Nutbutter on Bread on Board on Tiles on Card on Corrugated Cardboard] (11 April 2005)

un violon d'ingres


Anonymous said...

i'm pretty sure frips is female: check her blog and the crescent house blog for pictures

Geof Huth said...

Strangely, I never wondered about that until I was writing about the use of the sewing machine today! I'll make the change.

Hmm, a first name (frist name) would help!



frips said...

hi geof, glad you like the card and what a wonderful name you've give it!! and being female has got nothing to do with the sewing machine orthe sewing machine hasn't got anything to do with being female-i rarely use it for anything else than 'collages'

Geof Huth said...


Interesting. I used to sew on the sewing machine a lot. Some was to make book objects; and some was to make gifts. I still sometimes find the very nice apron I made for my wife scrunched up in the back of the drawer.