Saturday, August 06, 2005

Color Study with Stamps

In a corrugated cardboard envelope, Jassy Lupa sends me a letter on brown paper, in which she asks me to explain verbo-visual artwork (which I usually do daily at dbqp: visualizing poetics), talks about the Tour de France and Lance, mentions her search for new work, discusses her problems with her computer, and explains her new "colorful 'originals only' campaign":

They've fascinated me if no one else. After putting down some watercolor/acrylic washes I then start layering with originaal carved stamps....just giving it depth. They look more like fabric design than paintings....but hey it's fun and this is the bottom line...FUN.

The enclosed example is wonderful. Swirls of color are augmented by small hand-carved blockprints that provide depth and texture to the painting. She also enclosed a couple of stamps based on that design.

un violon d'ingres

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Troy Thomas said...

This is really nice work!