Saturday, August 06, 2005

Notes from the Arkhive

Roy Arenella has moved to Greenwich, New York, about an hour by car away from me, and he's now getting his home in order and his mailart activities back in gear. He's really back on track with this plump mailing from July 11th.

In an Arenellan envelope covered with stamps, he has placed more pieces than I could easily discuss:

An introductory page that tells me that enclosed are "Scattered / Scraps & Notes / Gathered / for Geof / from our New Arkhive (= HOME) / in Greenwich"--and to which he has stapled a note about my then-recent qbdp mailing, and to which he has paperclipped a postcard map of the village of Greenwich (to which he has added his Arkhive) and a few plastic-sleeved pieces from his collection of found and made items: three half-seedpods, a small rubbing, and a little folded fidgetglyph of his own)

A note attached to a Pressed Wafer postcard illustrated with a photography by Roy of Robert Creeley reading in New York City on 10 October 2002

A drawing/note about the "village visualist at home in the Arkhive, T(H)iNKERINg"

A found and altered Real Post hip art sheet

An illustrated letter about his consideration of the term "optical writing" (which he has reduced to "oppo" or "ollo") in place of "visual poetry"

A wonderful colored fidgetglyph entitled "TOTAL"

This is another one of Roy's great mailart letters: a collection of pieces, art, and thoughts; correspondence that is serious and fun; letters that are essays on esthetics.

un violon d'ingres

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