Saturday, August 06, 2005

Wet with Rain

Sometime around the end of June or beginning of July (okay, I'm a bit behind), I received a piece of mail from frips during one of our extended periods of monsoon rains. The envelope includes fripsian stitchings holding pieces onto it, along with pastings and writings. It was a soggy little mess, but eventually it dried and I opened it to find an olla-podrida of mailart pieces:

Breast Cancer Awareness ATCs

A contribution to the Five Million Copies Project

Bundles of images of cats (little cut-outs, drawings, one beautiful orange blockprint of a woman with her cat)

Announcements for frips' ongoing mailart call for "NO MEAT!! TODAY"

Many little bits of paper with her addressed stamped upon them
Additional blockprints

And a "NO MEAT!! TODAY" add-and-pass booklet, the first entry into which is supposed to be from me

Unfortunately, I haven't added anything to the booklet yet, so there's no passing yet! I'd better get on that.

un violon d'ingres

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